About Us

The RAA Berlin (Regional Centre for Education, Integration and Democracy) is a registered non-profit organization. We coordinate and support participation projects in schools and their surrounding areas and in the municipality. We have been guiding school and local development processes, advising pre-school and school staff as well as parents, community organizations as well as municipal officers, developing educational materials and organising professional training since 1991.

We support all stakeholders in the educational process with specific services. These include for example bilingual language-development programmes, free tutoring, school clubs, school mediation, parent groups and professional training for educators. As a charitable, non-profit organisation that provides independent youth welfare services and school development programmes, we are financed by foundations, through public funds and donations.

We are pragmatic, multifaceted, persistent and experienced. Our work is based on listening, a long-term commitment and trust. For us, the diversity present in our society is both simply a fact of everyday life and an inspiration.

Dr. Andrés Nader has been Executive Director of the RAA Berlin since September 2013. Sascha Wenzel (Chair), Eberhard Welz and Prof. Dr. Christian Zippel are the members of the Executive Board of the registered association; Klaus Eschen is assessor of the Board.

The RAA Berlin is part of the Initiative Transparent Civil Society.

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